Start the day with a smile!





Ever since Winkie took up residence at number 41, first thing in the morning I am greeted by a smiling face. Who can be grumpy or depressed  with such a charming clown in residence? He's such a clowny clown with huge feet and all kinds of tricks up his sleeve.  

So many older folk, especially those with dementia, take comfort in a cuddly toy. Even we do, if the truth be told. Some will sit for hours cradling a much-loved doll or teddy bear. What's wrong with a second childhood, living in the land of make-believe?

It's winners all round. Be on the lookout for a happy bunny to add some joy to those in your care, or even to make you smile at break of day.

Remember, a smile gives you an instant face lift at no extra cost. Sprinkle them widely throughout the day.


Just for fun!