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Redemptive housework - some ideas!

Let your imagination run free and think up some good reasons for everything you do around the house and garden. Living for the moment can take away from the drudgery and pointlessness of the task.  

In  therapy circles these days it is called 'mindfulness', being aware of yourself body and mind. Picture what is happening in your joints and muscles as you climb the stairs or clean the windows. The fluid flowing freely, keeping joint surfaces well nourished and intact, sucking up and destroying little bits of debris.Or maybe the muscles shortening and lengthening, enabling the blood to flow freely and relaxing tightness in the fibres - as good as a massage! Imagine those little telemeres staying long and strong, slowing ageing.

Here are some suggestions to get you going:

Hips and backs

Squatting comes out on top of the list of good things to do. Try squatting to weed a flower bed instead of kneeling - of course as long as you can stand up again!  Maybe wipe up spills on the floor in the same position instead of bending though that is good too.

Remember to do tuck your tummies in whenever you bend or lift, such as taking a pot out of a cupboard to put on the stove, even when you are moving a pot into the sink. Good too for the pelvic floor muscles. For those of you who are Pilate's fans this is Pilate's on the Move.

A tip here . When you are ironing in a standing position you can place one foot up on a book which takes some of the strain off your back.

Turn vacuuming into a rocking movement of your back and hips.  

Arms and shoulders

Drying off the shower cubicle to prevent limescale deposits will give those shoulders and arms a workout. Hanging out the clothes on a line or getting something from a top shelf gives a good stretch. It seems that consciously thinking of what you are doing, doing it at your best with a definite aim in mind turns it from a chore into a challenge.

It's really about attitude. Changing your daily routine into a 'gym session' with a purpose in all you do will transform your outlook on life. You can feel as good as those friends who brag about their commitment to gym sessions. When someone asks what you've been doing all day tell them about the ways in which you have benefited your bodies and minds keeping many ailments at bay and improving the quality of life with a sense of pride in your achievements.

You will find this theme repeated time and again on this web site.