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As a South African I came across a product during my last stay in the Cape in January this year. It was related to products being sold under SilverGenesis, a reseach development led by Prof Peter Becker of South Africa. He received the highest award from the American Medical Association and was nominated twice for the Nobel Prize for medical research. 

This is now an internationally accepted method of treating various disorders. The product is Colloidal Silver Healing Cream produced by Silver Lab.

I have a Long Term Condition affecting mainly my muscles ( see the page on this) and bought some before myreturn to Scotland. Just recenty I have had a major flare up leading to a very bad fall when I fractured my right arm at the wrist and shoulder. This led to further tissue damage as well as reigniting previous muscular trouble spots. The anti-inflammatories did not touch these trigger sites along the outside of my left thigh.

To my amazement, when I found the painful lumps and rubbed in the cream, the pain and nodules subsided dramatically. I have continued to use it over all the main troublesome and swollen parts of my body and benefitted greatly. I also began using it along the scar from my recent mastectomy which was on the side of the injured arm and extended into the arm pit. This had also became inflammed due to the massive drainage issues from my injuries. There was an immediate improvement and relief from the spasms it had led to. This is a great relief as it seems to mean I do not have to borrow or beg for steroids. 

The link to the product is below and I've found the staff to be very professional and helpful. International shipping is no problem. Payment methods can be arranged on request.