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Alzheimers Disease, some recent findings

This condition seems to have become one of the most feared diseases as populations age. We would give everything to be able to avoid its seemingly unstoppable progress, taking away dignity and independence. It catches the ear whenever it reaches the news. Some of the latest findings give hope.

Perhaps one of the most consistent findings is that physical activity definitely acts as a deterrent in developing the condition. Some research in America by Prof Tanzi of Harvard University, discovered the genes involved in the condition. It seems that it is all about a natural function which goes wrong. It is called an incommunicable disease as are many others today.

He also discovered that when people move, two other genes are switched on. These have a protective function and send out little 'vaccum cleaners' which whizz around the brain, mopping up the amyloid plaque which gums up the arteries in the brain and is found in the brain tissue of Alzheimer sufferers.

What better encouragement than to keep as active as possible. Here is a video which sets out the development of Alzheimers Disease.