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Can you think yourself fat?

Teens of normal weight who perceive themselves as fat are more likely to grow up fat. 

There are likely many different, and complex, reasons that explain why thinking you are fat as a teen– even if you are not – may lead you to become fat when you are grown. It is thought that psychosocial stress associated with gaining weight around the waist leads to the perception that they do not have an ideal body type. This tends to make them regard themselves as overweigh and, can result in weight gain.

Young people who see themselves as fat often change their eating habits by skipping meals. Research has shown that dropping breakfast can lead to obesity.

Additionally, following a diet that cannot be maintained over time will also be counterproductive, since the body strives to maintain the weight you had before you started the diet.

Researchers believe that this is something the school system and society as a whole must address in order to reverse the trend and reduce societal problems associated with obesity. Young people must be taught a more realistic view of what are normal body shapes, and show that all bodies are beautiful as they are. Last but not least: the media must cease to emphasize the super model body as the perfect ideal, because it is not.