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Cancer related to lifestyle.

A major research finding warns of a 40% liklihood of developing various cancers linked to lifestyles.

'Nearly half of cancers diagnosed in the UK each year - over 130,000 in total - are caused by avoidable life choices including smoking, drinking and eating the wrong things. Read further on this link with BBC.

Tobacco is the biggest culprit in men. Next comes a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diets, In women with breast cancer nearly a 10th of the risk comes from being overweight or obese,

And for oesophageal or gullet cancer, half of the risk comes from eating too little fruit and veg, while only a fifth of the risk is from alcohol, the report shows. For stomach cancer, a fifth of the risk comes from having too much salt in the diet, data suggests.

Some cancers, like mouth and throat cancer, are caused almost entirely by lifestyle choices.