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Work for your life!

Research used on brain circuits has shown that planning, executing and achieving the goal releases the 'happy hormone' seratonin.

It seems that almost any part of our lives can now be tracked in the brain, using scans and imaging.  

It seems that the more ideas you have that come to fruition the happier you'll be. They could even be so simple as to bake a cake or create a new flower bed. However it seems to need concsious thought so using auto-pilot is not going to make the same difference. It makes sense, then, to plan your day, setting specific goals. What better way to ease your body and mind than to relish their achievement as you put your feet up at the end of a 'productive' rather than 'busy' day.

The new word for this happy hint is 'mindfulness'. You can even go on a course to learn the technique!