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The heart of the matter.

It's your waist not your weight that matters when it comes to heart attacks and strokes. 

The critical fat around your midline has been found to be the fat that is transformed into the noxious cholesterol which settles in the blood vessels leading to closed arteries and blood clots. More than 40 inches for men indicates a high risk of deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels, for women 35 inches. Mere weight measurements can mask this.  It has been found to be a vital statistic in women and children too.

Talking furher of healthy hearts, research has recently shown that keeping the heart in trim is a safe guard against Alzheimers Diease. It was previously known that physical activity is more important than cognitive exercise in keeping the brain healthy. It absorbs an enormous 80% of body fuel in functioning adequately.

Let's hope we see an upsurge in physical activity on all fronts in this new year.

For those who want to know more go there is very good article on the BBC website