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Do you really need to diet?

Loosing weight may take a different path if we understand how our body works. 

There are some little known facts which explain why our bodies may defend themselves against weight loss. Calorie counting may not be as successful as we wish. Our hormones play as much of a role as our calorie intake.

Dr John Briffa, a leading authority on weight loss has written a book, Escape the Diet Trap, in which he shares the recent research in weight control. Hormones as well as calories play essential roles in maintaining healthy weight and body figure.  

Carbohydrates, fat and protein all govern these hormones and need to be in balance. Most of us know about insulin but there are two other hormones, glucagon and leptin which are just as much involved. He concludes that adequate fat and protein input are as essential as regulated carbohydrates.

Read his book. You may be in for a surprise. A pleasant one at that.