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Walking barefoot


Reflexology on the move! 

Getting back to nature or as they say 'go wild'.


Amazing. A barefoot trail in England.!

The effects of stimulation underfoot has been known through the ages. It is taking on a new form in our times by encouraging everyone to walk barefoot whenever and wherever possible. This, as we now know, has a therapeutic effect on the whole body.

Sending stimuli from the feet touching many types of surfaces and all kinds of movements wakes up the brain. It also causes all the small - what we call intrinsic - muscles to work, calling them out of hiding. This in turn strengthens the two arches of the feet ensuring they are maintained. This is essential for good and safe foot posture helping to maintain the body in a good position. This being so, there is less strain on the knees, hips and backs.

It's as old as the hills. 'Go wild' touching mother earth with your feet whenever you can.