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A 'happy book' to share with those in your care.

Rae-Lynn Cebul Ziegler, an Occupational Therapist, has designed a book of 'happy pictures' to share with folk who are suffering from memory loss.

Rae-Lynn Cebul Ziegler, OTR/L, is an occupational therapist with a specialty certification in sensory integration, a learning theory based on how the body’s nervous system takes in information from our environment and then organizes it for meaningful daily use.

Rae-Lynn created a prototype of this book for her mother when she was in the mid-to-late stages of Alzheimer’s disease and could no longer initiate meaningful dialogue. She had the same questions then, that you may be asking yourself now, about how to interact and socialize with your family member, friend or nursing home resident during the later phases of Alzheimer’s, or any other communication disability.

Rae-Lynn’s professional experiences in working with a variety of people with physical, psycho-social, and cognitive disabilities of all ages has given her the insight to create this book as a resource to serve and empower others to maintain effective and supportive communication, meaningful interactions, and relationships with their loved one or resident.