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Movement gives life

Just as moving water gives life, stagnant water breeds disease.

Your body is no different. When your body ceases to move it’s all systems go slow and a little part of us dies. How many hours in a day does your body promote life? It is our last breath and beat of the heart which signal death.

Today we have an epidemic of lazy minds and lazy bodies. As someone put it - 'we make increasingly useful machines for increasingly useless people'. What if there came an end to the sources of energy to drive these machines? Not to mention all forms of technology.

A specialist on eating disorders said that we no longer produce things with our bodies so we focus our attention on them, satisfying their every desire but dying in the process. The good news is that we can reverse the changes and find meaning in life.

The answer?

Everyday activities which use our bodies productively as they were intended to be used. We have come full circle with scientific investigations increasingly proving that the best way to keep fit and avoid depression is to live what used to be a 'normal' human life, depending on our bodies  for most of our needs, be it gardening, building, preparing food, moving from place to place, and even entertainment.


makes it easier to cut down on:


cuts down on chances of:


Just to mention that I am not offering treatment in any form and can never replace your local health professionals who know you personally. It may well be necessary to consult your GP or local physiotherapist before taking part in any activity. I am seeking rather to share knowledge and skills which will enable you to take charge of your life and enhance your health, both body and mind.

As you browse these pages, open your mind to new ways of thinking and using your bodies. Hopeless apathy, one of the greatest stressors, is leading to damaging life-styles which ravage our health. Discover that fitness can be fun, accessible to all, and bringing meaning into your life and the lives of others.


From the collection Joy to the World painted by Neil Macleod, Helensburgh, Scotland.

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