Keeping folk on their feet.

Encourage older people to use their bodies productively and explain the importance of maintaining their independence. Above all, stress that they can maintain independence in toileting. The following activities will promote general health to all parts of the body, increasing mobility and strength.

Walking - A cure all for just about everything.

Use every opportunity to walk, from a few steps to a good mile or two. 15" brisk walking is known to stave off cravings and is of great benefit to your heart and lungs.

These movements apply to both carers and those receiving care. Use the body to do as much as possible for yourself and others and as vigorously as possible.

Ask the elderly what they most want to do and encourage them to work at it. Activities, from brushing the teeth to setting the table, or making a cup of tea and watering the plants add a sense of purpose and meaning to the day, improving the quality of life. Read more about NEAT in the document below.


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