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Fit for living

Great news... fitness can be fun... and for free!

You don't have to follow a strenuous exercise programme to be fit, but you do have to be active. What's the difference? Our bodies are designed to perform functions which make up all we do in life. We may not realise this, but the lifestyle we live today has changed dramatically from past ages.

Why? Mainly the result of the advent of machines whether in the home or garden, in the street or at the office. This applies to our minds as well. In this process we are in danger of loosing what makes us human. This is is something indescribably precious and should be greatly valued.

A typical day

We buy our porridge at the station to eat as the train takes us to work where we sit in front of a computer, getting strain injury from overuse of our wrists. Our spines are compressed and movement rarely experienced through long hours of sitting in one place...

Then it's back by train, home to a ready-meal and dishes into the dishwasher, followed by relaxation in front of the TV. Perhaps you binge exercise? A strenuous work out in the gym after a day sitting glued to your desk?

It can change, but it will cost you more effort through the day.

The suggestions I'm making are based on scientific evidence and we now have proof that living a normal, active and productive life generates health and satisfaction. You will read all about having a NEAT day, burning off the calories while you are active through the day.

Walking, more than any activity, seems to provide protection against many illnesses and conditions.The value of activity was first realised  when questions arose about the health of those working on the London buses. It was the conductors who remained fit while the drivers suffered from heart attacks. The former were continually on the move, up and down the stairs all day and benefited from it. So can you. Two hours walking a week has been found to care for the condition of the heart.

Walking, the only exercise you need and it's free.

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