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Alzheimers and activity

Have you noticed? At every turn it is being stressed that activity of all and every kind helps to keep the changes in the brain leading to Alzheimers at bay. 

Alzheimers Disease is a dreaded conditioin, seemingly an irressistable decline into non-personhood.

It now seems to have caught the attention of politicians and every effort is being made to detect it as early as possible. Large sums of money are being given to research, seeking to understand its causes and progress.

Physiotherapists can play a major role in encouraging movement and activity at every turn. Here are some tools we can use to understand and help detect it, it keeping up to date with the latest findings as well as reading about the many psychosocial aspects of it.

A very helpful video describing Alzheimers spread in the brain:

A 5 minute test to help detect the condition