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Medical services set free to serve patients first

Dr Michael Dixon, the president of the NHS Alliance, was addressing their annual conference last week when he encouraged his colleagues to step out and grasp the new scene of commissioning.

Primary Care was looking to extend individual care to all local people, addapted to local needs. This will provide a better, fairer and more cost-effective health service. Patients should be empowered to self-care in partnership with their health professionals. Managerial and clinical expertise should integrate in deciding what care should be provided, how and by whom.

He commented that such commissioners will 'be hated by all who have fed from the current gravy train.' He expressed concern at reports of bullying of some smaller GP Consortia by government bodies. He reminded them of what Ghandi said:'First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you. Then you win'. Dr Dixon stressed that they and their patients will win, supported by their values, integrity and imagination.