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Debate on Physio Services in the future

Phil Gray, CEO of theChartered Society of Physiotherapy entered a heated deabate on the NHS reforms with physio Prof Richard Doherty of York St Johns Centre of Rehabilitation at the recent Student Conference.

Mr Gray asserted that the CSP was doing what was best for its members under threat of a 'disaster waiting to happen' if the reforms went ahead. This was mainly about pensions and pay cuts.

Prof Doherty, on the other hand, maintained that there were positives as well, with opportunity for physiotherapist to take hold of the configuration of services and design them for patients' benefits as well as modernising the health service. The emphasis should be on early assessments and cutting re-admissions which should draw the recognition of commissioners.bring good out of it.

He stated that we will have to adapt to the reforms and do the best we can to bring good out of them.