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One of a kind

Data provide statistics but can give no idea of uniqueness. The government in Scotland are well aware of this and want to ensure that the person behind the statistic is recognised.

On her retirement Jacquie Roberts, former interim Chief Executive of the Care Inspectorate in Scotland, stressed that her career was dedicated to bringing out the best amongst those with whom she worked. She maintains that whoever you are you are entitled to good family relationships, care if vulnerable, an advocate and imaginative services adapted to your needs. 

Bringing out the potential of others, discovering each individual's significance, is a first priority in building a strong society. Improvements and innovation should be at the heart of inspection of care in social and health affairs, rather than criticism. Our search for significance starts in childhood and can set the path for life, for good or ill. 

Jacquie, a lover of good films, recommends the US series of The Wire, which she says is as good as a quailification in Social Work as it shows tremendous insight into human life.