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Beating the Bugs - how to manage your immune system

Our bodies are in some senses very strong, but at the same time very vulnerable to attack and  injury.

It's all down to our immune system. There is no one organ which takes charge of this system, enabling  a healthy functional body, including the mind, emotions and spirit. It is a very complex interweaving of building bricks and messengers.

It is not only the Central Nervous System that is involved, but the even more important Autonomic Nervous System, sometimes called the Abdomenal Brain. It is situated behind the abdomen and just in front of the Thoracic Spine. Unlike the CNS, it is not encased in bony protection and is very vulnerable. Conventional medicine chose to focus on the CNS and has largely ignored the ANS which controls the vital organs of our body.Unfortunately it is this system which is extremely sensitive to drugs and they can play havoc with it, causing innumerable side effects and toxifying the liver. That is why there is no safe pharmacologically produced drug.

It is for this reason that the more we can build up and influence the immune system without drugs, the greater the benefit to our health. It is interesting to note that in order of effectiveness, humour, movement and education  should be considered  as the first line of action.How much better in every sense of the word.