Meaningful Movement

You are most welcome to MovingTherapy. I hope you will find this website useful in adding value to your life, and the lives of others, as simply as possible. Life is demanding and complex and we have little time to spare, especially for ourselves. 

We know we need to be fit but exercise is often seen as a chore and we drag ourselves to do it. It need not be like this. Through normal daily activities, I hope to show that a healthy body and healthy mind is within reach. itness can be fun with meaningful movement as the key.  

I'm Margaret Coles and I would like to think that as you move through the pages of my website, we are having a conversation about your health and well-being, something of the utmost importance to you and to those you touch in life. I'm hoping to share my knowledge and so enable you to care for yourself and others.

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Why move?

Your body in all its parts, including the mind, is your most precious possession. By means of your body you live out your life for better or worse. The life in your body is expressed and maintained by movement. Life and movement go hand in hand. Without movement there is no life.

Look around you.

Nature is a continual hive of activity. Buds unfold, birds fly overhead.Our hearts beat and our lungs breathe. Nerve impulses flash to and from the brain. Our muscles contract and our joints move.                                                           

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Health of Soul, Spirit and Mind

It is just as important to keep our minds agile and our spirits alive. To this end I have joined up writings in the form of blogs which I have done over the past ten years as I have pursued, and still do, vital truths wich enable us to live well. One of the most recently written is included below:

Thoughts from my diary: Countdown to His coming. 


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